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Second Quarter 2020 Update


U.S. stocks wrapped up their best quarter in more than 20 years, a remarkable rally after the coronavirus pandemic brought business around the world to a virtual standstill.


Just three months ago, investors were lamenting the end of the bull market and the longest economic expansion on record and after major U.S. stock indexes lost about 35% of their value in less than six weeks. The subsequent rebound has been nearly as brisk.

First Quarter 2020 Update
Please take the time to review your quarterly performance review from Capital Wealth Investments. We truly hope that everyone is safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. Our firm thought it was very important to include commentary about the markets and your particular accounts/portfolio's.
Since the March 23'd low on the major US indices, the markets rebounded much sooner than typically occurs. Your quarterly report will not show or illustrate this rebound as the quarter finished March 3151 and much of the rebound occurred since then. Having navigated now through three of these market downturns over the past 20-years, we find it extremely important for clients to be patient and not overreact one way or the other to the market conditions.

To add a new quarterly report, copy the first paragraph or two, and replace the text in the BOTTOM text area and change the header,

Convert the report to a pdf (File | Print ) In the Printer dropdown, select Microsoft Print to PDF and save. We will link that pdf to the "Read More" button.

Select the Read More button and click the link button on the toolbar (its under the Bold symbol). Click New File, Browse, and select the new pdf on your hard drive.Change target to New Window, and Save. Apply.

Hover over the new text, and click the gear (properties). The text area will be highlighted on the left side of the Properties for this Page section. It says Rich Text Insights xx. Click the arrow to the left of it, and click Move Up three times to put the new file at the top. Save.

When you are done reading this, click Advanced, and set Display to None.

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